Promotional Items to Increase Team Pride

Promotional Items to Increase Team Pride

Team pride is critical to a team’s success; without it, your team won’t feel a sense of loyalty to each other, leading to a loss in games and a loss of fun.

There are many ways to foster pride in a team; it comes from having great leadership and encouraging accountability from each member.

However, there are also small ways that you can increase team spirit, including distributing promotional items to the players. Here are just a few items you should consider making.

#1 Stickers & Patches

A very simple, but effective, way for your team to be able to show team pride is by creating a few stickers or patches. This is an especially great idea for teams with young adults.

A sticker or patch allows your team members to customize their own belongings in a way they love. 

Stickers can be attached to sporting equipment (like helmets or hockey sticks), school books, pencil cases, and even bedroom furniture.

On the other hand, patches can be stitched or ironed onto clothing or bags. Many players opt to stitch patches onto their hockey or soccer bags to show team pride.

#2 Water Bottles

One of our favourite ways to unite a team is simple & practical: Water bottles.

The Jersey Lab offers customized water bottles that your team can use with pride. Showcase your team colours, increase brand awareness, and keep your team hydrated with a branded water bottle!

Promotional Items to Increase Team Pride

Kick it up a notch by personalizing each water bottle with a team player’s number. This will bring a little extra excitement, but also keep players from accidentally swapping germs.

#3 Casual Apparel

Team pride goes far beyond the ice, grass, or pitch. Your team will love the ability to order a variety of casual apparel so they can show off their team colours all year long. Here are just some ideas of everyday wear they will love:

Promotional Items to Increase Team Pride

  • Headwear, like toques and ballcaps.
  • Athleisure, like sweatpants and hoodies.
  • Comfy wear, like t-shirts.

Casual apparel makes fantastic gifts for your team. Next time the holidays roll around or your team is out celebrating, consider gifting a matching set of casual apparel to each player.

#4 Team Jerseys

And finally, the best possible way to unite a team is to get high-quality team jerseys. A great team jersey requires great thought and preparation. Here are just some of the things you need to consider:

  • Your team’s logo. Work with a designer to make sure your logo has a high enough resolution, so it won’t lose its sharp lines.
  • Your team’s colour palette (pro tip, choose 1 neutral colour and a maximum of two other colours).
  • Land on a theme. Do you want a classic jersey? Maybe a bold design? Figure out your team’s vibe before you start to design.

Jerseys are an important investment; make sure you work with a team of professionals to find the perfect look for your team.

The Jersey Lab can help you with that perfect look! Our team of designers will work with you until you’re completely satisfied.