How To Design the PERFECT Jersey

Group of kids in green jersies, huddling at soccer game.

How To Design the PERFECT Jersey

A great jersey fills team members and fans with a sense of pride. They unify us and are proven to lift team morale—maybe even making or breaking a game.

That’s why it’s important that you put effort and care into designing your jersey. It’s crucial to get right. We have 4 tips for how you can design the perfect jersey.

Decide On Your Color Palette

Before you begin, envision what your jersey will look like by deciding on your colour palette. Here are two simple rules to consider:

  1. Choose at least one neutral colour such as white, black, or grey.
  2. Pick a maximum of two main team colours. You can of course choose more, but too many colours will make your team’s brand less recognizable.

The Lakers are a perfect example of the above rule. They’re easily recognized by their gold and purple combo, but they also use black and white as neutral colours.

At the Jersey Lab, we use a process called dye sublimation. This method allows our customers to choose just about any colour they can imagine.

Pro Tip: A single colour might look different depending on the way it’s being viewed. That means your selected colour might look different on paper, on a screen, or even on a jersey. Make sure you work closely with a representative to get the best colour match possible.

Two football teams wearing jerseys, facing off, about to begin the game. ("Sometimes simple is better" - TheJerseyLab)

Use the Right Logo

Before you fully decide on what colours will be on your jersey, ask how they complement your logo. If you don’t have a logo yet, now is the perfect time to get one made! We recommend finding a professional to get the job done—your logo is worth the small investment.
If your team already has a logo, great! Make sure that you provide the jersey designer with a vector file (like an .eps, .pdf, or .ai file). This will make sure your logo looks as sharp as possible.

Find Your Inspiration

Do the Anaheim Ducks’ jerseys fill you with childhood memories? Are you transported to a different time by the New York Yankees pinstripes? Or maybe you’re inspired by the fresh, new look of the Oilers.

All these teams have iconic jerseys, and your team can too! The best way to make your vision come to life with a designer is to find inspiration to show them. Gather some pictures of your favourite jerseys and do your best to describe what you love about them.

Trust An Expert

The best way to make the perfect jersey? Work with someone who knows what they’re doing.

One of The Jersey Lab’s reps will be happy to work with you to create your look. We want to bring your vision to life! Our two parties will go back and forth until we get it just right.
In other words? You don’t leave without a jersey you LOVE.

Don’t have a jersey to wash? We can fix that! Contact The Jersey Lab for custom-designed jerseys.