4 Little Touches to Add to Your Jersey

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4 Little Touches to Add to Your Jersey

There are parts of a jersey that are staples. Your team’s name, the player’s number, and the player’s last name are no-brainers to add while designing your jersey. But why not make your jersey even more special?

We have four little touches to add to your jersey to make it even more meaningful.

#1 Colours That Mean Something

When you’re choosing what colours to design your jersey, keep in mind that every colour means something.

For example, in cycling, specifically Tour De France, all the jerseys’ colours have meaning:

  1. Solid Yellow: The most prestigious of all jerseys, the yellow Tour De France jersey recognizes the overall winner and is worn by the current race leader.
  2. Solid Green: This colour is also very symbolic by representing the best sprinter.
  3. Red Polka Dots/White Base: This shows off the athlete who has earned the most King of the Mountain points.
  4. Solid White: A white jersey is an exciting recognition for young cyclists. This is only given to the highest placed rider who is under the age of 24.

The colours you choose should represent your team’s values. Spend some time researching what colours mean in your sport.

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#2 Pay Homage to Your Hometown

Jerseys are all about building unity and a sense of belonging amongst a team of people. What better way to do that than to recognize the place you all call “home.”

You have an opportunity to get creative here by using symbols and imagery. For example, the Toronto Maple Leafs show national pride by drawing connections to the Canadian flag. There is something inherently Canadian about a maple leaf, so the Toronto Maple Leafs channel home wherever they are. It’s no surprise that their fans span Canada from coast to coast.

Your team’s jersey could refer to famous landmarks in your area, whether natural or man-made. Some teams even use beloved animals or beautiful flowers to inspire their team and fans alike.

#3 Meaningful Patches

Each player can customize their jerseys further by using patches to show off their individuality. Many teams will use patches to distinguish a player’s role, like the captain, but you can allow your players even more freedom to express themselves.

Some teams will use patches to support causes they care about. It’s not uncommon to see some teams wear classic ribbon patches for cancer awareness or support for your country’s troops.

Patches have also been used to pay respects to a member of the team who passed away. For example, the Ottawa Senators honoured their late owner, Eugene Melnyk, with a patch designed in his memory (read this article for more information).

#4 Worthy Sponsors

And finally, your jersey is a great way to thank the people who made your team possible. Most people will just slap on their sponsors’ logos but work with your sponsor to find a creative way to recognize their contributions.

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