3 Ways to Display Jerseys

3 Ways to Display Jerseys

Improve the look of your man cave or kids’ bedroom by displaying jerseys beautifully! We have three ways to display your jersey, whatever the sport!

#1 A Wall Hanging

One of the easiest and most practical ways to display a jersey is by hanging it on a wall. This is an excellent solution for jerseys that are still occasionally worn or need to be stored in a fun way during the off-season.

Don’t ruin your jersey by using nails or tacks, though. Instead, use a wall hanger solution when not wearing your jersey. This can be easily achieved for a DIY project, and you may even consider dedicating a whole wall to multiple jerseys. A curtain rod is a fantastic way to hang multiple jerseys.

Nowadays, there are even hangers specifically designed for your jersey. They’re called jersey hangers (we know, super obvious). They’re a little pricier than your average dollar store hanger, but trust us, they’re worth it. These hangers often have adjustable lengths and curved edges, so they won’t misshape your jersey’s shoulders. Some brands even have a swivel hook, so you can get the exact right angle for your display (as well as be able to store them in a regular old closet).

#2 Shadow Box

A shadow box is a sleek way to show off jerseys so that the display feels like an intentional, gorgeous interior design choice. Shadow boxes aren’t practical for pieces that are still occasionally worn because they’re a secure frame; constantly reopening a shadow box might be a hassle. It’s better to reserve shadow boxes for sentimental or irreplaceable jerseys.

Many people struggle with securing their jerseys in shadow boxes. We have a few ideas to help you preserve that special jersey:

  1. Secure a hanging rod in the shadow box.
  2. Use a thick piece of foam to keep the jersey upright.
  3. Use tiny tacks to secure the jersey (use tacks close to the seams on the backside of the jersey).
  4. Fold the jersey strategically so that it makes a perfect rectangle.

Standard picture frames work as well, but they have less of a “statement piece” vibe.

PRO TIP: Amp up your display by adding other pieces of memorabilia to the shadow boxes. A game-winning ball or pair of playoff tickets can add to the effect.

3 Ways to Display Jerseys

#3 Repurposing

There are times when you’re ready to retire a jersey and want to save on space, but you’re also not quite ready to say “goodbye” forever. These are the perfect scenarios for a repurpose project.

There are tons of ways you can give your jersey a new life. Here are just a few ideas to get your creative brain working:

  1. Patch together a new quilt if you have multiple jerseys.
  2. Turn one jersey into a pillow or stuffed animal.
  3. Create kids’ clothing or costumes (we’ve seen some pretty cute onesies).
  4. Make a reusable bag for the grocery store.
  5. Repurpose it as a flag.

Ready to welcome a new jersey to the family? Get in touch with The Jersey Lab! We’ll design a jersey you’ll be proud to hang on your wall.